Do the people that own your motorcycle dealership ever join you in the celebrations and activities you participate in?
Wouldn't it be a blast to be able to kick back and enjoy some out of the shop time with the friends you have made within your dealership, doing the things we all enjoy?
Now you can find out what really makes us tick by joining in!!............We at EUROTUNE love to participate when we can.

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Eurotune Motorcycles/ Art By Anders... Up Coming Events


OPENING HRS...Tuesday to Friday 8.30am till 5.30pm....Saturday 9.00am till 1.00pm except during Winter when it's really cold and wet, and no-one's about.

As the initiated would be aware, we at Eurotune have a soul that is hard to find in your average motorcycle shop......but then we won't make the pretence that average fits... We can leave that to the corporate climbers.
Eurotune Motorcycles/ Art by Anders are proud to be able to assist Helen in bringing to Queanbeyan an alternative in the supply of Vintage & retro wares, including lamps, linen, fine China, art glass, harlequin glass sets, vases,baskets & collectable's. Join us and check out another side to our multi-faceted, iconic, Motorcycle shop & art gallery.

JULY 8th till 16th........We will be undertaking an expedition North to chase inspiration for art works, Bric a Brac treasures and escape from the winter cold.

There's more to Eurotune than just rattling pistons and twiddling spanners.......

DECEMBER ....JOYEUX NOEL...The City Salvos celebrate Christmas.
2.00pm till 6.00pm at Cnr of Eloura and Fawkner st in Braddon ACT.

We will have our Art Bus and a full display on site....drawing, celebrating, showing our wares and giving a great organisation our support at the time of year they need it.....Come on down and join us in the merriment.

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