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Eurotune Motorcycles/ Art By Anders have moved into the fashion arena.

But before you go and get terribly excited by the incredible fashion garments we are now into.... check this out.......

45 years ago an iconic motorcycle movie was made in Australia. It was to become a cult movie.....About motorcycle gangs of the day and a ripping good yarn......"STONE"..
25 years later to commemorate the movie an enormous run from Sydney to Newcastle was organised to duplicate a funeral scene from the movie. 25,000 people joined the ride. BMW were commissioned to provide 7 bikes for the stars from the movie to lead the pack north..The original movie had Kawasaki Z900s as the main bike but in their infinite wisdom, Kawasaki declined to be involved and BMW, through their dealer network at the time, jumped in with Bells on.
This BMW R1200C was the first bike of the 7 which were painted by Dave Hart, ( the guy who had painted the original Kawasaki's for the movie). It was ridden by "Bad Max" one of the original gang members...... To top it off it carries the signature of Sandy Harbutt, the original movies producer and star.
It currently sits in the middle of our gallery and is for sale..... $10,000. An infinitely collectable part of Australian motorcycling folk lore.

In keeping with our philosophy of continual evolution, we at Eurotune/Art By Anders are proud to introduce our new fashion collection of discerning clothing for those with style a cut above.
In collaboration with VIDA (a global producer of cutting edge fashions) we are pleased to be able to offer our own design of outragious and original clothing to an international market.
Go tohttp://www.shopvida.com/collections/voices/anders-mykkeltvedt to see how our new collection is evolving.

Initial delivery time is expected to be approx 4 to 6 weeks...Remember these are original made to order fashion items.......

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We are proud to announce the introduction of the "Art By Anders" line of Classic Motorcycle T- Shirts now available. Images for the discerning, proud motorcycle owner and enthusiast.These shirts are not mass produced but are art shirts individually printed by the artist.

Now available the T-shirt for those who appreciate an ICON... For over 50 years the motorcycle by which the others have been judged!.....order yours now. $44.00 Aust plus postage.eurotunemotorcycles@bigpond.com




Dealerships filled with staff who go through the motions but lack the SPIRIT... Whose only interest is to satisfy the corporate monster, get through the day and empty your wallet, so they can get on with their lives with a minimum of fuss.

Now you can sift through the nonsense and relax, with empathetic Motorcycle experts who live the dream and are happy to supply "The Good Oil"....


"An ICONIC little Aussie bike shop where Motorcycles, Art, Music and Lifestyle matter!"

144 Uriarra road
Queanbeyan. NSW 2620
Phone no 02 62978636.... Opening hrs... Tuesday to Friday... 8.30a.m till 5.30 p.m... Saturday 9.00 a.m till 3.00p.m.

And just another fine piece of beautifully customised Thunderbird. Beautiful bike with decent shock absorbers, pipes, chrome gallore and stunning custom paint. etc etc. $20,000 and you couild ride off on this head turning magnet for the opposite sex.

You can never be sure of what you may find at Eurotune!



In 1985 Eurotune Motorcycles were appointed Triumph Dealer for the ACT.....
When John Bloor kicked the Hinckley Triumphs into life, Eurotune were one of the first dealers appointed in Australia.... Out of the ashes of a defunct British motorcycle industry Eurotune were there....29 years of helping to resurrect the marque..
Sadly time marches on and brings with it inevitable change...At the end of October 2014 EUROTUNE ceased to wear the official mantle of ACT Triumph Dealer...
The change has enabled Eurotune to get back to the core of its existence....... Motorcycling, Motorcycling, and more Motorcycling. Lifestyle and passion!

THIS LITTLE CRACKER of a motorcycle haven has embarked on a voyage of discovery where our horizons will be stretched and convention ignored. No needless and expensive stainless steel pillars and McDonalds type decore.
At Eurotune the individuallity of our clients is valued and the belief that motorcycling is not a past time for lemmings pervades our mindset. We have as a paramount goal the ambition to assist our clients retain their individuality and deal with individual requests.
Eurotune Motorcycles will continue to provide exemplary service to all of our extended "EUROTUNE" family.

ART BY ANDERS has stumbled from the shadows of our constraint to take us on an aesthetic journey of discovery where "Going our own Way" is not just a marketing platitude.



For thirty years Eurotune Motorcycles has been servicing Triumph Motorcycle riders with the Enthusiasm that only true Passion can engender. Motorcycles of all brands have received exemplary attention which only enthusiastic professionals of the highest standing can provide. Broad ranging expirience and continuing dedication have given us the building blocks to create a motorcycle dealership with capabilities second to none.

EUROTUNE MOTORCYCLES MISSION STATEMENT.. Our mission is to provide motorcycle and motor scooter riders, and the general passing public, with a stimulating, aesthetic and memorable experience, which promotes the benefits of the two wheeled lifestyle emotionally and ecologically..

For our two wheeled compatriots, to provide an exemplary sales and service facility where customer satisfaction is paramount, through prompt, professional, empathetic, consistent and committed performance.

Upon entering EUROTUNE'S Uriarra rd premises the first thing that you will notice is that you have not walked into a SUPERMARKET or a DEPARTMENT store. Here is a proper little motorcycle shop, oozing warmth and affection for the thoroughbreds on display. This is not the place to be for the non committed, purely flirting with the lifestyle. Within these walls there is an understanding which reaches out to the heritage of a bygone era; to riding when its cold; to riding when its hot; putting up with the discomforts and relishing the pleasures.

The next thing that you will notice, upon arrival in our home, is the lack of pressure. We should like to welcome you to join us in our great community of riders, which are our extended family. Our commitment to all our visitors and guests is to make the transition of welcome as much fun as we possibly can.

Staffed by an unbelievable partnership of extremely proficient, likeable, highly qualified and well trained professionals in a well equipped


And now to meet the friendliest team in motorcycling....

Helen Whigham...

When you first walk through the doors at Eurotune Motorcycles the first person you are likely to meet will be Helen. That is an immediate bit of good luck, because you will just have met one of the motorcycle industry stalwarts. A lady with nearly 30 years of experience in motorcycle sales and as a parts interpreter, fully qualified and certified to level 3. (At Eurotune we take our expirience and qualifications seriously).

As a keen motorcyclist Helen has the expirience which comes from having owned a Moto Guzzi V50 MkIII for over 20 years, and a Triumph Bonneville since 2004.She has worked with BMW, Moto Guzzi,Ducati,Laverda, Royal Enfield, Husquvarna, Sea Doo personal watercraft and assorted other brands,so there is no point playing a game of motorcycle parts trivia with her; it's a fine invitation to a severe flogging!

There is nothing Helen enjoys more than spending time with her friends and having a yarn. It is amazing how many of those tall tales revolve around her experiences with motorcycles, so it is not surprising to find that she delights in her work and can be found most of the time at Eurotune. If you haven't had the good fortune to meet Helen yet, better get your act into gear, do yourself a favour and drop in for a chat, (and maybe a new motorcycle as well?)With the vast understanding which her experience has given her, she is a great person to discus accessories and clothing with. She knows what is rubbish and avoids it like the plague: Knows the life expectancy of what she deals in and prides herself in the integrity to give an honest opinion even to the detriment of a potential sale. Her simple philosophy on what she does is to make sure that everybody she deals with gets her best!

Anders Mykkeltvedt.....

Looking after the nuts and bolts of the technical side of the operation is one of the most experienced and highly qualified motorcycle artisans in the country.
Anders joined the motorcycle industry in 1970, at a Triumph dealership, and opened Eurotune Motorcycles in 1982, after a break to study Painting and photography at the Canberra School of Art . Eurotune was first appointed a Triumph Dealership in 1985, under the brief and ill fated Harris Triumph Bonneville ( which most of us would prefer to forget ever existed), making it arguably one of the longest serving Triumph dealerships in Australia.
Anders has represented the Australian Automotive industry at National and State levels on issues concerning training within the industry for over 20 years. Is qualified to Diploma level in Automotive Business management,Certificate 4 in Training and assessment, Certificat 3 Trade Certification in Automotive light vehicle and Cert 3 in Motorcycles. He has undergone extensive training at factory level with Ducati, Sea Doo, Triumph and BMW, (with whom he reached the level of master technician.)
With the level of expertise he carries, whether you are seeking advice on a new purchase, or having your motorcycle serviced, you can rest easy in the knowledge you are in extremely capable hands.

Still clocking up neary 50,000km per year on motorcycles, road testing, rallying etc, with 10 years of pootling around road racing circuits at club level and open meetings on both production and GP bikes, Anders can be considered an enthusiast.


is a great place to belong.....


New and Used Motorcycles. Accessories, Clothing and Tyre's. OUTRAGEOUS ORIGINAL T-SHIRTS and the ability to put your own image on a T... Servicing and repairs on most brands. Art by Anders on Display and for Sale. Great attitude and a fun place to be!

We appologise for the reality that our services are constantly in high demand, and due to the desire to maintain some sanity and balance in our lives, delays with access sometimes occurs. We also reserve the right to avoid working on garbage.

Opening Hours- Tuesday to Friday 8.30am-5.30pm. Saturday 9am-3pm.

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